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Lord Provost Backs Museum Projects

The opportunity to discuss the full range of proposed projects for the Heritage Museum with East Lothians' Lord Provost, Pat O'Brien, was provided on October 12th. ( He also sits as Ward Councillor for Prestonpans and has a keen personal interest.)

He was totally committed to encouraging the emergent enthusiasm. Accompanied by the Head of Libraries and Amenities and the Senior Planning Officer, the Baron of Prestoungrange described for the Lord Provost the intentions to rebuild a Beehive Kiln and create a Millennium Collection as well as reproduction pieces; to fire up a Brickworks chamber for a commemorative collection; to introduce Arts Tourism with an initial 5 Murals guided by Karl Schutz; and to invite the Scottish Tartans Society to locate activities at the Heritage Museum.

Karl Schutz next advisory visit at the Museum is planned for mid/ late January with participation at Burns Night at Milton and a visit to the Prestoungrange in Oxford.

Published Date: November 1st 2000

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