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Pancake Racers 2006

Andrew Laurie Leads His Chefs to Victory

Andrew had boasted all week that he and his colleagues were the best tossers in the Pans and so it turned out!

In a 30 mph wind with a chill factor at minus 10F, four teams shaped up at The Prestonpans Co-op for the 4 x 10 tosses across the 200 metres race track to The Prestoungrange Gothenburg.

The teams were the Intellectuals [scribblers at large of historical studies and poesie], the Chefs Best, The Brushers [being those who tell tales with their brushes], and The Bistrosities [being Those Who Also Serve in the Bistro].

All teams adjourned swiftly to The James Park Lounge for generous portions of pancakes from the Savoury and Sweet Lists.

Steven Cross was the 2006 Event Organiser and promises runoff heats and many more teams providing a very tough challenge in 2007 for the Chefs!

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Published Date: February 28th 2006

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