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Let's stop the nonsense on September 2nd ! No SubStation on the Battlefield at Prestonpans.

Here's sincerely hoping that the Councillors sitting at Planning Committee listen carefully and see sense on September 2nd!

We ask that you, the Planning Committee, reject the application from InchCape to build a SubStation on the 1745 battlefield as documented in the National Inventory. Reject Historic Scotland's view that we are 'insignificant' on the national scene because they are mandated to give so called sustainable economic development their top priority.

How ridiculous can that be, for our top Scottish heritage protection quango?

They have failed to gather evidence e.g. on burial grounds, and misguided Minsters. They have totally failed to discuss the issue with the Battle Trust who would have gladly shared their accumulated knowledge and identified optimal outcomes. Our erstwhile supporters at Prestonpans Community Council were misspoken to when they removed their original objections on assurances from Inch Cape that objections have been wholly met. Inch Cape of course meant those of Historic Scotland not the Battle Trust. Inch Cape know exactly what they are attempting to achieve.

Reject the advice of your local planning officers seated at the heart of the county in Haddington who have advised you as a Committee to say Yes, so long as the intrusive structure proposed is painted green and the railway line cutting across the battle site is preserved [not the heritage Waggonway mind you!]

Why reject it? Firstly it's simply wrong for our heritage. But even if you don't accept that, reject it because there's brownfield acreage just a few metres to the north. If the SubStation must be erected, put it there. It's even more cost effective for Inch Cape. But make sure it avoids the heritage Waggonway even there.

The kingdom-wide Battlefields Trust has written in opposition as set down below:

Word is out in Glasgow's Herald too

Published Date: August 31st 2014

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