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Diaspora Tapestry Panels Making the News ...

Arriving panels boost [our in-house] confidence ...

It's a pretty daunting prospect, seeking and co-ordinating migrant Scots' communities across the globe, so that 150 panels are ready for the Homecoming in 2014. It's like a moon shot - there's a period when the orbiting space craft goes out of radio contact i.e. behind the moon. It's not that the Scots communities don't want to participate but millions and millions of emails follow that and it's all so new, fascinating, distracting, absorbing. Different then from the story of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Prestonpans Tapestry! Absolutely.

No complaints mind you, but grand to see the completed art works arriving; like it must be [?] for the long distance runner at last catching a far off glimpse of the finishing tape.

So seeing was believing it will all come good, very good in fact! Thanks Lisbeth and Ann-Christin in particular, well done Gothenburg!

Published Date: April 12th 2013

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