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Edinburgh City Guard Ready for Action .... thanks to Alan Brecks!

Cameron readily outwitted them for The Prince in 1745 but they've got their uses today!

The Alan Breck Regiment of Prestonpans Volunteers was established by Royal Warrant from Bonnie Prince Charlie in 2007. But he overlooked the need to determine what uniform might be proper for the Highlanders' redcoat adversaries. Many redcoat re-enactment groups have visited The Pans since 2007, but now The Pans also has its own 'batallion' shall we say, although it's most properly known as the Edinburgh City Guard.

The Scotsman gave a detailed report this week of the Guard and we can only look forward to their appearances across the capital - particularly at a time when all other 'police forces' are being merged to make a single national force. Along with the Duke of Atholl, a Foundation Prestonpans 1745 Battle Trust Patron, who uniquely in the Kingdom runs his own private army regiment, the Alan Brecks look well set to have their own private police. Bravo! That's The Pans for you ....

Published Date: March 15th 2013

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