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Paxton House Exhibition Closes with a Tale or Two ...

Second Paxton Exhibition a Most Considerable Success

The Trustees are as ever grateful to the Trustees at Paxton House for hosting the second Easter Exhibition of the Prestonpans Tapestry there. Many donations to the Tapestry's eventual home were received and the Trust's merchandise was popular with visitors.

The final weekend saw Prestoungrange Players at Paxton House led by Ros Parkyn [pictured above & below] and the exhibition also saw more than a few of the stitchers looking in - Vanetta Evans was captured standing [immediately below] before her own artwork!

Paxton's Education & Outreach Officer, Laura Cameron, commented: "Thank you all so much for coming down on Sunday; you really made the last weekend hosting the Tapestry special. I very much enjoyed the sessions I got to see, and had really positive feedback from visitors and Anne, the steward responsible in the afternoon."

Published Date: April 21st 2012

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