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Redburn Dairy - and the Family Visitors

Take care: you never know who might show up!

It has been one of the great delights of the murals painting programme in Prestonpans since 2001 that those depicted, and/ or their relatives turn up with a tale or two. And Adele Conn's mural shown below that commemorates Redburn Dairy at the corner of Redburn Road and High Street, where it formerly stood, was no exception.

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On holiday from North America

The family that visited were Catherine and Ernest, daughter and son of the late Tom McKinlay that ran Redburn Dairy. Both live in the States - Ernie is from Sebastian, California.

This picture was taken of them both standing in front of the mural which they found an extremely moving dedication to their father.

The Cow mural is not complete but "it does what it says on the tin". Its a picture of a cow standing in the dairy with the Forth as the backdrop just as it would have looked to passersby years ago when the original dairy still stood.

Published Date: July 30th 2005

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