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Bass Rock as a T Towel? Yes! By popular demand.

This is the Tapestry T Towel more folk asked for south of the Border at Alexandra Palace and Harrogate than any other .... but why?

Well, because it's # 45 and wasn't available ... and even more significant, it was originally embroidered by Elma Colvin! In making our initial selection of images we'd taken a flier on just 4 as they say. 'The Prince Calls a Halt to the Battle' sold out first, and 'Action @ Highbridge' came a close second. For 2012's touring exhibitions we've re-ordered 500 of that end of our battle artwork [that's a lot of washing/ drying potential!] and the additional extra T Towel with Bass Rock. So now the first 200 customers can dry up within sight of Bass Rock.

These are just the tip of the merchandise iceberg now a float with elitist jigsaws, animated DVDs and mugs aplenty on offer. Those keen to see and to shop will first be able to at Cockenzie House during half-term weekends, February 11th/ 12th & 18/19th. Open 11 am to 4 pm.

And the prices? 5 each or BEST BUY on the day is '3 for 12'.

P.S. If you can't make it to Cockenzie House, all merchandise is available at the Online Shop:

Published Date: January 31st 2012

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