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1. Haddington's St Mary's Draws Crowds to enjoy the Tapestry

The Tapestry in St Mary's Haddington saw more than 1200 visitors in less than a week ....

... but we know we owe an apology to more than a few who arrived shortly after the exhibition closed on Thursday ... because we had brought the exhibition forward by three days at St Mary's request. Sincere apologies to all concerned.

St Mary's is one of the largest parish churches in Scotland and the Tapestry was magnificently accommodated in two long runs around the eastern portion of the church. Volunteers were on hand from the embroiderers and more besides to answer the myriad questions the visitors had.

Edinburgh Decorative & Fine Arts Society makes a visit ...

Amongst the very welcome guests during the week were a party from the EDFAS who were given an introductory talk before exploring the artwork.

And on this occasion it wasn't a wedding party that was disturbed by redcoats as in 1745. It was the Alan Breck's who staged a surprise Jacobite army appearance visiting St Mary's and marching through the town to raise awareness. The good people of Haddington were found to be loyal supporters and the citizenry was left unmolested!

Meanwhile, the East Lothian Courier published in the town saw fit to announce - to county at large - the forthcoming re-enactments to celebrate the 266th Anniversary of The Prince's Victory in Prestonpans.

click to enlarge press cutting

Published Date: September 21st 2011

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