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Aromatic Bistro Tales for Children ... in The Pans

Turkish Aroma Bistro sees stories told ...

The Aroma Bistro may only have been in The Pans at the foot of Ayres Wynd for a couple of years but it's getting a well deserved reputation for innovative ideas!

Late last year it had a sell-out Turkish Banquet and last week it had Tim Porteus and Michael Williams launching a new storytelling initiative - Stories & Ice Cream.

The first session, at the Aroma Bistro, saw the cafe full of young people, and not so young, to hear tales of magical journeys from Pans storytellers Tim Porteus [right] and Michael Williams. It is intended this event will be the the first of many, and is a part of the nationwide Young Storytellers Network. Two youngsters came forward and joined the network with the intention of becoming storytellers themselves.

click to enlarge photos

Keep an eye out for the next Stories and Ice Cream event, which will be themed around Celtic Tales.

Published Date: March 3rd 2011

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