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Highlanders & Redcoats: September 19th 1745

Both Sides on the Move: September 19th 1745

Johnnie Cope had arrived at Dunbar on September 17th, the same day the Prince had entered Edinburgh. By 19th Cope was ready to make the march to from Dunbar to Haddington en route to the capital. [Panel #56 by Francis Gardiner & Vanessa Cohen.]

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Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Clan Chiefs were spoiling for a fight having narrowly missed Cope at Dalwhinnie on August 28th/ 29th. On September 19th the Highlanders marched out from King's Park to Duddingston and the Prince held Council of War in the Cottage on the Causeway, later taking refeshments at the Sheep Heid. [Panel #55 by Meg Porteus.]

Stitchers' Progress thus far for the two panels is gladly reported here! Note carefully the lucky couple getting married in Haddington that day - history tells us the redcoat army cheeered as they passed by the celebrations!

Published Date: March 17th 2010

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