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Quantitative Easing [QE] ... the Prince and Robert Strange in 1745

Despite the Caption the Prince did not actually print or issue his own banknotes!

We all know money can at times be a problem, but The Prince and his Highland Clans were meticulous in paying their way as they marched to Derby and back to Culloden - using donations, taxes he raised and booty captured from the likes of Cope and Hawley's baggage at Prestonpans and Falkirk.

But we all need a fallback position don't we; and the Prince was fortunate that his Secretary Andrew Lumisden's brother-in-law was the painter and engraver Sir Robert Strange - who incidentally also painted the Prince's portrait probably whilst he was in Edinburgh in October/ November 1745. [see Memoirs of Sir Robert Strange and of his brother-in-law Andrew Lumisden.]

The plates made by Robert Strange to accomplish his own Quantitative Easing of the money supply are shown below. The opportunity to add what denomination you choose to the blank notes certainly looks attractive.

click to enlarge and print out for your own use!

.... and the portrait ....?

Published Date: November 11th 2009

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