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Detectives at Work ... Looking for Clues from 1745 ....

Battle Archaeological Fieldwork Set to Begin ... February 27th/ March 1st

The field survey work contracted with Dr Tony Pollard, Natasha Ferguson and colleagues from Glasgow University's Centre for Battlefield Studies gets under way at the end of February. [It is partially funded under a grant from the Heritage Lottery.]

Phase 1 sees 'detection' work covering three areas - Bankton House, fields to the north of Tranent Church and the Thorntree 'playground' area.

Already past finds by local families have been reported and several items handed in for authentication. More are of course invited. School groups are also actively involved.

Any volunteers for fieldwork and/ or support as helpers should be in touch with Kristine Cunningham by email @

The fieldwork schedule is .. between 10am and 4pm

Friday 27 February: Survey at Bankton House
Saturday 28 February: Survey at Thorntree Monument and Polworth Terrace
Sunday 1 March: Survey in the fields close to Tranent Church.

click to enlarge press cutting

Published Date: February 10th 2009

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