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New Totems Take Shape and Colour at the Goth

That second Red Cedar from Chemainus finally gets carved!

The team of youngsters from St Joseph's ELIS which has worked with Kenny Grieve and Tom Ewing to help carve and paint respectively have created two new shorter poles for the Arts Festival, and a third is in preparation. They have dubbed them the 'John Muir' Totems.

The press and the Lord Lieutenant, Sir Garth Morrison, were both on hand to see their pride in a task well done; and Kenny Grieve as there too of coursre!

click on all images to enlarge

For those who wonder where they will finally be erected, it's a closely guarded secret. Not even the Arts Festival knows yet awhile. In practice it's a discreet pause until the third is ready as well.

The local press were certainly pleased to tell the story:


A grant towards this project of 1500 from East Lothian Council, being one third of the total expenditure, is most gratefully acknowledged here.

Published Date: June 18th 2008

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