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Battle of Pots & Pans KirkStorms East Lothian ....

Jamie Sim & Stephen Lavery Drop in at the Deep End

Jamie and Stephen pictured below have only just joined the Prestougrange Arts Festival's Arts Classes. But Andrew Crummy had something urgent in mind as they walked through the door, because Andrew Dallmeyer and the acting team that was due to take the Battle of Pots and Pans on KirkTour of East Lothian from May 5th / 10th needed a new backdrop. Tom Ewing's backdrop used for the premiere last June in Prestongrange Kirk got lost in unscheduled re-enactments at Meadowmill!

They came up trumps as did the actors and the Laverock singers under Andrew Dallmeyer's leadership. More details and pictures of the tour to follow.... and of course they are off to The Fringe flying the Pans and Pots flag [and backdrop!] at St Cuthbert's early August for a week.

click on image to enlarge

Published Date: May 24th 2008

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