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Preston Village Cricketers keep building their Panthers

Gothenburg Principles Supporting the Youngsters at Preston Village Cricket Club

Andrew Laurie, Chef Partner at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg, says "it's one of the greatest delights of the Gothenburg, with its century old Principles, to be able to support young talent as it matures in the town". And just now there is quite a bit of it going on.

The Goth is into its second year of its three year sponsorship for the youngsters at Preston Lodge Rugby Club; it's into its third year of sponsorship for Preston Village Cricketers [as detailed below]; it's into its third year of sponsorship of the youngsters in Prestonpans Pipes and Drums; and it's currently working with youngsters from St Joseph's on Totem Pole # 2.

"Of course", says Andrew Laurie, "The Goth is not the only sponsor by a long way of these youngster groups but we are assured it greatly helps and encourages their leaders and benefits the youngsters concerned."

click on press cutting to enlarge

Published Date: April 4th 2008

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