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Goth Centenary & The South Side Singers

Centenary Events Keep Rolling Along

None of the older folk present at The Goth to hear the South Side Singers claimed to have been there in 1908, but they were prepared to travel back in time to how it reportedly was thenabouts. The celebration reported below is one of many this year that are taking place.

A key highlight later this year will be the visit on July 23rd [it's actually 'Goth Day' itself] by SNP Culture Minister Linda Fabiani MSP who will most particularly be exploring the successes of the Burriss Bursaries these last few years and seeing the grandest Art Exhibition the Goth has ever yet presented. It's a diary date to note!

Indewellers might recall that on this day last year the Lord Mayor of Gothenburg launched the Centenary Celebrations and got us in trouble with late-firing fireworks!

click on press cutting to enlarge

Published Date: April 4th 2008

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