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Virtual Pans Pottery Exhibition on the Internet

A Definitive Website Attempted Here!

Of course we do fully realise that use of the word 'definitive' invites contradiction, but we will always most certainly be pleased to learn as much more as possible about Prestonpans Pottery. Graeme Cruickshank's Herculean labour for the Arts Festival that culminated in the acclaimed six week Exhibition in Prestonpans in 2007 has put down a marker and his 'thus far' definitive book is selling well.

What is now available here on the website, thanks to the design efforts of Richard White and Rob Jarvis [our webmasters], is a bold attempt to bring all together from the Arts Festival's initial activities right up to Graeme's Exhibition. We are sure you will enjoy it since it contains a host of pottery images, an audio of Jessie Shepherd's reminiscences of working at Belfields, press coverage of associated events, and an opportunity to sample Graeme Cruickshank's book and then to purchase it on line if you so wish. You can also purchase the reproduction Belfield Brun Coos and Wiles bus there on line too!

Click HERE to gain full access to the web pages.

Published Date: March 28th 2008

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