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MySpace - 1745 Battle 'Space' Travellers

Another Technology Comes Into Play

It's none too certain what Bonnie Prince Charlie would have made of the online technologies the Trustees have employed since the Campaign began in 2006. But the very considerable success of this website has encouraged us to take a further step forward - and to create our own MySpace.

MySpace is, as many will know, an effective place for networking as ‘making MySpace friends’ extends our reach to friends of friends and more!

It's very early days for our MySpace campaign but we have met more than a few intriguing individuals already who have joined as Supporters and Alan Breck Volunteers, and here's hoping for exponential growth in the future.

Our address is @ Battle MySpace

Needless to say ....

If any readers here are themselves MySpace subscribers already, please consider adding a link to our Battle MySpace to your own. Many thanks.

Published Date: March 5th 2008

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