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Sunday Best ... which Way Inn?

Harbinger for Centenary 2008 McGonagall Nights perhaps... and the Way Out for Lady Susan

'Tis a shame that name of Lady Susan [Grant-Suttie] who lived at Prestongrange House till the early 20th century has now formally disappeared from the High Street in The Pans.

However, edifices that she helped fund and build when she was a Town Councillor in the late 19th century are still here to enjoy. She was particularly active to secure the Town Hall for the Burgh of Prestonpans and well before Starbucks or Costa she was determined to see the town had a good Coffee House. [This latter destination is now the home of Bernies' Trophies.]

But the poetry attached here from PansManse will ensure the memory of the public house that claimed her name yet tarnished not her reputation lives on a while..... And surely she would be delighted to find that excellent chinese foods are now available in a house that lately bore her name.

Those who recall her know she had no chip on her shoulder; nor was she a mouse!

Good luck on the Way Inn.

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Published Date: November 17th 2007

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