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77th Montgomeries from The Czech Republic camped at Bankton House

Regiment Honours that originally raised in 1757 to fight in the French/ Indian Wars in North America under Colonel Montgomerie

Extraordinarily, today's Regiment is based in the Czech Republic and a dozen members are travelling to Prestonapns for the sheer delight of participating in the re-enactment here with us all. They will play a key role in the final skirmish with Colonel Gardiner at 10 am on Saturday September 22nd when he is mortally wounded under the thorntree and carried by cart to Tranent Manse there to die in the arms of the Minister's daughter.

Over the weekend they will be camped out as Living History in the grounds of Bankton House by kind permission of Richard MacKenzie and the Residents' Association there today.

There is a strong 17th century connection between today's Czech Republic and Scotland. In the 1620s a body of some 2000 Scottish mercenaries [The Grays and Setons from the Lothians] went to fight for Fredrick V, King of Bohemia, in the Palatinate's cause.

The Trustees are truly grateful for their enthusiasm in making such a lengthy journey to be in Prestonpans led by Petr Scott Velan.

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Trustees of Battle of Prestonpans 1745 Heritage Trust

Published Date: September 12th 2007

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