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Mums and Farmer's Wives ... whatever next?

Journos will have their wicked ways ...

It's amazing how sub-editors looking for headlines set the ladies of Prestonpans and vicinity as familial role players when they become celebrities! No harm done but curious. Two great examples this last month have been Annmarie Allan and Coreen Scott, both great great friends and supporters of the Arts Festival in Prestonpans as well as highly accomplished professionals in their working lives.

Annemarie is characterised as 'Mum' first and a prize winning author next. Actually she has followed a life in communications and information and played a key role in the latest Statistical Account for East Lothian and as editor across 4 years of Prestonpans across the last 1000 years published last year. Not to mention her other books and her in depth knowledge of the towns 81 witches.

And Coreen, the Farmer's wife, and The Laverocks played a pivotal role just recently in Andrew Dallmeyer's new Battle of Preastonpans play, Battle of Pots and Pans.

CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH ARTISTS as your professional contributions across East Lothian, Scotland and father afield are recognised and applauded.

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Posted by urban[e] Father of Three

Published Date: September 6th 2007

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