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Supporters' Face to Face Briefing: September 18th @ Meadowmill

Can you attend? There's much to tell about September 21st and 22nd ....

Supporters, i.e. those who have registered at this website, will know that each quarter the Trustees hold a Face to Face Briefing in Prestonpans for all who can make it, detailing the latest progress and forthcoming plans. And of course there is a great deal to report concerning the 21st/ 22nd celebrations as well as the recent report on Economic Feasibility.

..... and the Trustees are of course always on the look out for volunteers to lend a hand here and there as the campaign moves forward.

The next such Briefing is at 6 pm on Tuesday September 18th at the Visitor Centre, Meadowmill.

If you can attend please let the Trust Secretary, Sylvia Burgess, know on 01280 816161 during office hours; or via The Prestoungrange Gothenburg on 01875 819922; or of course by email to her here:

Published Date: August 8th 2007

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