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Lesley Board Books Her Flight to 2006 in Prestonpans

Lesley Board, the incoming Chair at Katikati Open-Air Art Festival in New Zealand, is the first publicly announced booking for the 2006 Global Conference - see final sentence in her article from the Weekend Sun December 5th on page 14. May there soon be many more.

Her reservation of a ticket to Scotland bears out the old adage that those who come furthest arrive first and vice versa!

Clearly she has been impressed with the Baron's tales from The Pans thus far - as most faithfully reported below. She has also invited Prestoungrange to visit again for a Workshop/ Seminar in Katikati when he and Lady Prestoungrange are both back in New Zealand in late September 2004 ... after the next Global Conference in Ely, Nevada.

... and Dr. Hans Maurer, the Clan's Muralist and Scottish Vineyard 'Scout' in New Zealand, has also traced another township an hour from Wellington where a Dutch community, has built itself a windmill, a Dutch cheese mail order business and painted murals. That's due for a Field Vist by the sound of it in September too.

Click on press cutting to enlarge

Published Date: December 5th 2003

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