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Getting Ready for the 3rd Global Arts Tourism Congress in Moosejaw...

and a Bahamas' Foreshore to end them all - February 27th

The Global Association that Karl Schutz founded is heading for its 3rd Congress in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, Canada from Tuesday October 15th until the Saturday Finale on October 19th 2002. Previous Congresses were in Chemainus and 29 Palms.

Jane Bonnar and the Baron of Prestoungrange will be giving a presentation on Friday 18th on "Marketing Too Much History 1194-2001".

Additionally, the University of Action Learning at Boulder (UALB), Colorado, where Prestoungrange works has introduced a Credits Program for all who wish to participate.

The full Masters' Program in Arts Tourism is a 39 Credit degree at the University at a total fee of $US 6500, or $US 500 per 3 Credit course, plus Graduation Fee of $US 750.

Importantly, Scholarships for the first 9 Credits are available that reduce fees by 50% for those who are members of the Arts Tourism Global Association i.e. $US 250 x 3 courses.

The 9 Scholarship Credits offered are made up as follows:

3 Credits for an Action Learning Analysis and Evaluation of the Moosejaw Congress Proceedings in some 3000 words; and

6 Credits for a Self Evaluative Review of the Associates' own community involvement in all aspects of Arts Tourism prior to the Congress in some 6000 words.

The program is open to all with Bachelor degrees or their professional equivalent anywhere around the globe. It is conducted on the Internet including online Library access via UALB, but at the Moosejaw Congress and Briefing Congress will be held.

Moosejaw Congress Web site

P.S. Talking of Beach Murals

We regularly talk big here about our fine Foreshore at Prestoungrange just opposite The Gothenburg. Well take a look at this Foreshore just outside the Tourist Window at Atlantis in The Bahamas. No need on this occasion for a mural then, this Foreshore says rather a lot just by itself. And this too from the proud camera skills of Prestoungrange who was babysitting at the time.

Published Date: February 14th 2002

Click on the picture for an enlargement

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