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Battle Trust Memory Lane [25]: Lobbying Scottish Parliament

Iain Gray Owns Up to 'Hanoverian' ancestry...

Iain Gray, our East Lothian MSP and lately elected as Labour Leader in the Holyrood Parliament, has from its outset supported the campaign to 'better conserve, interpret and present the history and meaning of the Batle of Prestonpans in 1745'. And as our campaign moves forward to pose the big question to the nation in 2009 - Will You Provide Capex for a Living History Centre in The Pans? - he was determined to bring it to the attention of as many other MSPs as possible with an exhibition and presentation in the Parliament including Rhona Brankin, Ted Brocklebank, Keith Brown, Malcolm Chisholm, Helen Eadie, James Kelly, Christine McKevie, David McLetchie, Duncan McNeil, Alasdair Morgan and John Park. The pictures below show how it went on the evening of September 17th. East Lothian Council Leader David Berry and Depute Provost Roger Knox attended as did guests from Scottish Power and Coal, Historic Scotland, Scotland's and East Lothian's Antiquaries and The Royal Commission of Ancient and Historic Monuments in Scotland.

The Trustees were themselves determined to emphasise that the Prestonpans battle in 1745 was of the greatest 'national' significance and that their campaign was deliberately timeous as Historic Scotland and Scottish Ministers consider how the nation's battle heritage shall be more effectively addressed in the coming years.

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Outstanding Acoustics, Fine Words and Good Music

For any who ever wondered where the 'budget' that built the Parliament went, please be informed that a goodly portion must have gone on the design of acoustics in the Committee Rooms and Chamber. They are quite magificent as the Laverocks who closed the occasion readily attested. But so too the speakers - first Iain Gray, postulating his ancestors likely 'Hanoverian' sympathies, then Gordon Prestoungrange and Gareth Bryn-Jones outlining the Trustees 'Dream' and the achievements thus far and a word from the Prince himself [aka Arran Johnson] as counterpoint to the Elector of Hanover. It was also the moment for the launch of Arran's new anthology of literature and poetry arising from the battle entitled Rebellious Scots to Crush.

photography by Linda Sneddon and others - with our thanks [Ed].

Published Date: July 5th 2020

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