Prestoungrange Arts Festival 1997-2023

The Prestoungrange Arts Festival has been sponsored by the Baron Courts of Prestoungrange and Dolphinstoun, a Scottish Charity, since 1997. It has also received grants from a variety of organisations including the Scottish Arts Council/ Creative Scotland, National Lottery HLF, the Scottish Government, Bord na Gaidhlig, Event Scotland, Awards for All, East Lothian Council and Scotland Unlimited. It seeks in as many ways as possible to share the history and create the future of the town through the Arts. It is based on the extensive and continuing historical research reported at Prestoungrange University Press.
The Baron Court of Prestoungrange has existed since 1189. It was established in its present form in 1998 and further registered as a Scottish Charity in 2002. The baronial pedigree since the twelth century has included many distinguished Scottish leaders. When the Court's judicial role was finally abolished on November 28th 2004 the final session of any such Courts in Scotland was held and the last use of the stocks was ordered.