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ET supporting the Tapestry

ET? Yes, Eyemouth and Tranent

Yes, everyone's stitching, including ET. In particular Mary Richardson, who has just completed 'The Prince Calls a Halt to the Battle' [# 88]. More than that even,she has won her personal copy of Sarah Bower's A Needle in the Blood for not only writing the first poem arising from the Tapestry but reciting it to the massed 'Audience of Stitchers' in the Thomas Nelson Suite at the Prestoungrange Gothenburg on March 24th.

Mary explained herself thus: "A native of Eyemouth, I have always knitted and sewn, but haven’t done much embroidery since schooldays! We moved to Tranent in 1975 with our two daughters. When I retired from the bank [no name no pack drill!] in 2000, I decided to try patchwork and various other stitching. Now I have a small stall at fetes and fairs selling hand-crafted articles.

"I took this Tapestry needlework project on, thinking it would be a good way of getting back to ‘proper’ embroidery again. It became truly addictive – housework, cooking and everything else went by the board! Even my husband became intrigued by it! Every one of my friends kept asking how it was coming along. I didn’t know what I’d let myself in for, but have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. It’s been very interesting and a pleasure to take part in it, participating as we all are in this small piece of Scotland's history."


When Baron Gordon gave the call
To all who dared to sew,
Two hundred stalwart stitchers
Decided they would go.

“A Battle Scene we want!” he cried,
"The Battle o’ the ‘Pans,
Wi’ Cope and Gardiner vanquished
By sword and spear and lance!”

With Andrew Crummy’s pen and ink,
He designed a great creation.
Transferred it on to linen cloth –
A Tapestry for the Nation.

True legacy of the ‘45
Of how our Prince came home
And gathered up his loyal men
To fight for Scottish throne.

Embroiderers received the cloth,
And wools to sew their section.
And started – tentatively at first –
To stitch it to perfection.

Beginners and experienced,
Each learnt from oneanother.
It brought us all together –
Friends, grannies, daughters, mothers.

Then halfway through our stitching fest,
Prince Charlie summon-ed the bunch
To meet him at ‘Pans Gothenburg,
Partaking Royal Lunch.

A good chance for a pep talk,
Get everyone together.
A bite of food – a drink of wine,
A fine chance for a blether.

Then, undeterred by time and snags,
Our stitchers soldiered on.
With tears and laughter, sobs and joy,
'Till all the wool was gone.

“We’re joining up!” Chief Stitcher cried.
“It’s going on display!” But –
“Fiddlesticks!” our Dorie yelled,

But…..Velcro’s on, it’s hanging braw,
Our Tapestry is showing.
Dorie’s breathin’ sighs of sweet relief –
Drambuie’s overflowing!

Our Tapestry’s now on the road,
The route that Charlie took.
Transported in the BattleBus
For everyone to look.

Tho’ Bonnie Charlie’s noo awa’,
Our Tapestry lives on.
This piece of history we have stitched
Will tell the story on ……… Forever.

Published Date: April 1st 2010

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