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Just a Box? Not Really....

Its not often today that we bother to repair things, especially when B&Q has something pretty reasonably priced that could do the job. But this box is an exception.

Bryan, Anne and Gordon grew up with it under the Welsh dresser, with all the family spode neatly stacked above. It was there in every home we can remember, until the family went to Canada in 1960 leaving it in Gordon's care.

It always contained father's work tools. Certainly there was a wooden mallet (still is), and a hand drill (still is) and a wood plane (still is); and the important point was that father had made it himself. Its made of ply and the bottom had since rotted so that needed replacing. Woodworm have made holes at the front and top. But a fortnight's TLC has brought it back to beneficial use. The old french polish has been replaced with a modern equivalent but the handles are original. And Anne and Bryan can attest the colouring is just as it was. The surviving tools are stacked neatly in the garage and a new use has been found for it. The Baronial records and The Gothenburg records dating back 400 years and 100 years respectively are now carefully stored inside. And Lady Prestoungrange has lined it throughout with red velvet.

The top now boasts a brass plaque and inside father's carpentry skills are remembered. Photograph is on the back lawn at Milton Malsor; the rest of the garden view that day is also shown.


Published Date: July 28th 2003

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