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Leviticus 183/84: Cactus Calls for Service ...

Went like clockwork really … 9am mechanic arrives, leaves his van on driveway and heads off with Cactus. By 3pm it's back with an invoice and presumably OK! Called in on the way back to check the Ghibli in too for December 2nd 10am. They can do it all but not change over the Dashboard Service Message … need Maserati itself for that. However I'm not allowed to travel for that so will get Sylvia on to the job of contacting Maserati so we can fix that later! That'll be a challenge since the Stamp in the Service Register wont say Maserati Stockist … all down to the pandemic.
Hectic however … Gareth to Hargreaves! Finally got close to setting Iain Slater and Gareth in contact to finalise the Option at Blindwells …. and call for visuals asap thereafter. And the phone rang from Craig at EventScotland re the Salvation Week Programme of Events in September 2021 to bring all our efforts into focus and give the Appeal a major fillip. We want tv coverage and advertising and all the social media so looking for big support from them if we can get there … they promise 20 day turnaround on applications! Also have Carolyn from Baldoon Selkirk Settlement in Kent Ontario on my tail for the website News item on their fine new panel … that's a job to do without fail.

Yes, it's Absurdity Day all day … Had to consult Avril for this one of course. Oddness and weirdness must take over; not sure why, but they do. Throughout history, bizarre occurrences mark the calendar. It may seem absurd today to send your child cross country by airplane, but people do. There’s a process, attendants, an adult on the other side waiting to retrieve the precious package. When the US postal service first launched in 1913 children falling within the shipping weights could be sent cross country by parcel service. Mailed babies were shipped off to Grandma’s house some for as little as 15 cents plus insurance. Presently the Rules of Lockdown give endless sources of amusement as well as despair. If you set your family up as a company they can hold meetings in your home they could not unincorporated. Avril's just received a Winter Fuel Allowance of £200 because she lives without anyone else who gets one although I got a combined such grant for us both last month. We decided to write fessing up …. The Royal Navy built two aircraft carriers just lately with insufficient planes and support ships although this week Boris has announced he's going to catch up before the carriers are obsolete. I've also traced some intriguing seemingly absurd facts to insert here: vending machines kill more people than sharks; a glass ball can out-bounce a rubber ball; between its discovery and its demotion from ‘planet’ to ‘dwarf planet’ Pluto never finished an orbit around the sun; Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia; Charlie Chaplin lost a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest; and until 2016 Happy Birthday was copyrighted. But thinking positively it's also a day to have fun and do crazy, zany, and absurd things. As told above, I've just set the Maserati to be serviced by a non-dealer who can do the work but not turn off the digital message on the dashboard. You can do things you have wanted to do that make absolutely no sense at all too - like publishing and shipping our Blogbook Existential Normal to 50 recipients across the globe who will conclude 'what' about how Avril and I have fared? Working with Sylvia we'll get the wholesalers 17% discount on £4 a copy hopefully. Another zany notion is to invite all 40 of Scotland's National Inventory Battlefield Hosts to our Salvation week in September 2021 … starting to get crowded that week.
Blotted copybook today … Friday is absolutely coffee day at 11.30am even if Avril drinks a chocolated coffee; but at 11.45 the phone rang in the Dovecote to ask where I was. Truth to tell I'd been carried away by the hecticity mentioned above. And I also later forgot that Friday's fish at supper time was going to be home made fish pie. Came out very well although the prawns were unevenly distributed as between the chef and myself. I compensated with a White Bordeaux and crisps, all most enjoyable preceded by Campari & Russian. And a grandfather won the £10,000 on Shove Hapenny on itv. P.S. My new supplies of La Paz arrived jit.
Absurd was a notorious, neo-Nazi German metal band in the 1990s; a 1997 song song by Fluke an English electronic music group; and an Italian film in 1981. It features a hero who can cure himself from any injury and is pictured above! The most absurd thing we did, ask Avril, in 1997 was to acquire the lands and baronies of Prestoungrange and of Dolphinstoun … and look where that's led us since!

Published Date: November 20th 2020

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