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Prestonpans Murals Restoration ready for Summer Visitors

Quietly making sure the murals stay good viewing ..

It's a tad like the old adage about the Forth Bridge, but we're always taking it seriously. Murals have to attended to and the battering from sea air and the rest has to be made good. Tom Ewing has been doing that for nearly a decade now and sincere thanks to him for that.

With support from PSG Area Development Partnership Grant the Prestoungrange Arts Festival has made a special effort over the past 12 months; adding designatory plaques to them; taking a few out of commission after weather/sea destruction; updating the APP Tour .... and much more that is very good besides ... which comes on top of the recent 2nd Edition publication that captured all the artworks and town art treasures to be found @ the online boutique HERE

Two MUST SEE murals which Tom Ewing painted a decade ago are now restored - Gelie Duncan and John Knox in the courtyard of The Prestoungrange Gothenburg as shown below ....

. and remember, the Murals Trail APP can be readily downloaded free from Google

Published Date: March 25th 2020

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