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East Lothian adopts County Flag

New 'County' flag for East Lothian

Many will have read of the county wide competition for the design of a new flag - to be adopted across East Lothian. Seeing the Northumberland* flag flying at the English border must have whet the appetite and the winning design by the late Archie Martin is certainly grand enough for our own County. May it fly far and wide!

But one must surely ask, since we are the County that first laid claim to the Saltire, and now celebrate it each year albeit mainly in Haddington rather than Athelstaneford, did we truly need a second?

Not to be churlish - what is now to be our flag etiquette? Union flag/ Saltire/ East Lothian flag .. all at the same height or staggered? Lord Lyon has added the new creation to his 'historic Register'. Perhaps we can look to Lyon, Dr Joseph Morrow QC, for guidance. It's a lyon on the flag after all; or should we look to HM's Lord Lieutenant since the lyon is the Monarch's flag symbol in Scotland; or our own Provost?

Wherever else it might fly, we shall surely expect to see it on all county council buildings in the months ahead.

P.S. To purchase the new flag, contact the Scottish Flag Trust ... or any reliable flag maker.


* Northumberland County Flag:

Published Date: December 27th 2018

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