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Heralds Tell Out the Baronial Pedigree

Heralds Tell Out the Baronial Pedigree December 6th 2001

The Scottish Heraldry Society's Chairman, Peter Drummond-Murray, and Sister Maximillian, have worked together to create an outstanding piece of heraldic art for the baronies. It brings together the heraldic pedigree of the baronies since their original grant by the de Quincy's to the Monks of Newbattle.

The de Quincy's held earldoms in England, and the Kerr family as barons immediately after the Reformation became the Scottish Earls of Lothian. From that time as the baronies passed next to the Morrison's, then to the Grants/ Grant-Suttie's and now currently to the Wills' families many married into Scottish nobility including the daughters of four Earls. Three barons rose to be Scottish Law Lords of Sessions using the title Lord Prestoungrange; one became Lord Advocate; others sat in the Edinburgh and the Westminster Parliaments; one became Rector of Edinburgh University.

Any Clan member who would like a copy, please contact the Baron Sergeand, Sylvia Burgess.
Lineage Scroll
Click for enlargement

Published Date: December 6th 2001

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