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Trouble with Planners? Never... Not Here

Seems to be the same the whole world over so they say. Anyway, down to legal niceties if we may. Is a mural an advertisement? Certainly not. If it were it would need Planning Consent from the local Councillors and their Officers.

We recently tested the Planners' response on the assumption it was an advertisement. They answered that It would despoil the environment. Good job we don't need their consent then.

The three pictures here tell two nice new tales...

Firstly, the stone wall. That's the Coffee Shop in the High Street. Here the mural that is not an advertisement will hang. First we shall do it on the Web here by superimposing it on the photograph, then we shall hang it for real.

Click on the picture for an enlargement

Click on the picture for an enlargement of the painting

The opposite incidentally is happening for the BathHouse Mural by Andrew Crummy currently in process, which he is painting as the fourth mural on the baronial seawall. We will then be hanging it virtually on the BathHouse picture wall, where Planning Consent was given by the Council but permission to hang denied by the Owner. (Who do you think that was..? You're right, it's the very same Council with another hat on!) Sound like the Madhatter's Tea Party to you..? Well not to us... This is Scotland. C'est la vie, l'Ecosse.

The other two pictures below are of a view to the Firth of Forth spot where the two Burns Memorials (Murals Trail 10 & 12) and the Kinectic Sculpture (11) stand to the north and then straight across the road is the view to Prestongrange's 17th Century church and the pleasant Scottish gardens dedicated to St Ringans. The statue in those gardens, which is also on our Murals Trail (9), is of Sir Thomas Alexander who was born in the town in 1812 and who worked in the Crimea with Florence Nightingale and on her commendation later became Director General of the Medical Department of the British Army.

Published Date: October 1st 2002

Click on the picture for an enlargement

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