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How can the 'right' decision come about for Repsol?

Both the East Lothian News and East Lothian Courier have given publicity to the Battle Trust latest determination.

The challenge is to get Scottish Power to agree to release 'brownfield' land for the Repsol SubStation - rather than building it on the battlesite.

Let farming begin again and the Remembrance Field be created

The Battle Trust is keen to get farming going again at the battlesite and to construct the Tables of Remembrance for which it has Planning Consent in Principle. It will be writing again to Scottish Power. If that makes no progress then Petitions will be required to get answers to the straightforward question: Why not?

The Battle Trust absolutely accepts that if offshore energy is produced it should sensibly connect to the National Grid at Cockenzie .... but in the right/ sensible place!

Published Date: July 30th 2015

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