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Sharing Salty Ideas for Salmon Trout and Scallops in North Uist

Prestonpans Salt Arouses Interests in the Outer Hebrides

Press interest in the plans to resume salt panning in Prestonpans, which plans are alas only proceeding at a snail's pace, have created interest from far and wide. None more so than from the Earl of Granville who smokes salmon, trout and scallops on North Uist for his livelihood from Hebridean Smokehouse. We were, like many others, well surprised to find that some 3% salt was required in the overall process to make the excellent fish available by mail order across the world. [Be sure to place an order at the above link. It is all unbelievably excellent.] And the salmon and trout are hand carved!

Beyond Over The Sea to Skye

Most readers here will know that North Uist is a 90 minute ferry ride from Uig on the Isle of Skye which can of course these days be less romantically reached by bridge! So the journey by Wiles bus was duly made to meet with Fergus and Anne, The Earl and Countess respectively, and their family. The Earl's brother and his wife in fact own perhaps the island's best hotel at Langass. The countryside is beyond compare as all who love these islands know.

Scottish Flag The Wiles Bus Hebridean Smokehouse
Hebridean Smokehouse North Uist Landscapes North Uist Landscapes

Published Date: August 25th 2006

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