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Rustlers Brought To Book in Corstophine

Rustlers Tracked Down at 'Poor' Ranch in Corstorphine

Our cow 'Alien', missing for more than a week with her distinctive PAF Brand and all over done up in Tom Ewing's designer kit, has been traced by the sheriff and his posse to a rundown ranch in Corstorphine down Edinburgh way. That town always had a reputation as a hang out for cattle rustlers, swindlers, politicians and gamblers so it came as no surprise to us honest Panners. When 'Alien' was tracked down several other folk's missing moos were in the corral with her too.

She can't say she was not told not to take off with strange steers but some girls never listen [or learn]. Anyway, she's back now and the rustlers got their instant justice.

Frankly, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh should be taking more care in his domain. It could all get out of hand unless a mutual respect for one another's cattle returns soon! Rumour has it he's been distracted all month remembering to buy a second birthday present for HRH The Duchess of Edinburgh [most men seem to have trouble remembering one each year!]

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Published Date: June 20th 2006

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