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Andrew Crummy's 'Sky at Ninety Six' Comes to Two Two Nine

Andrew Crummy Excels with Cloudscapes

Andrew Crummy is known to almost all of us at the Arts Festival as a muralist,and as leader of the Arts Workshops. So the opportunity to see some of his 'other' painting was always going to be very welcome.

He had presented a series of Cloudscapes in late October in Edinburgh and the Exhibition moved to The Thomas Nelson Suite on November 4th. The outstanding paintings are shown below, some which are still available for sale.

Artist's statement

The light of East Lothian changes so often through a day. Landscapes, cloudscapes are fleeting images that can last only a few seconds. Starting in the spring of 2001, I was invited by a neighbour, Kate Edmunds, to use her shed to paint. On visiting her shed I noticed that it looked onto the Firth of Forth and had a splendid view of Fife. Recently I had moved to Cockenzie with my family from London and one of the attractions was the amazing cloudscapes that happen most days - from stunning sunsets to murky fogs. They all had a presence and beauty. So I begun to try and capture these cloudscapes.

The first were crude and lacked skill and knowledge of why the sky was this way. But as the sketches piled up what became clear was I had a found a subject that I could investigate that allowed me to use my interest in oil painting, composition and form.

So after four years of study I now have begun to understand the awesome view from 96a High Street, Cockenzie. But it is only a beginning. Trying to capture the many colours, tones and hues in this ever-changing view is a journey where the more you look the more you see.

Click on images to enlarge

Published Date: November 7th 2005

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