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Holyrood asked to address our Coastal Issues hereabouts ...

All power to their elbows at the Coastal Regeneration Alliance [CRA]

One of the next steps the CRA is taking is to raise the whole ghastly proposition for a gigantic Energy Park at Holyrood with their Petitions Committee. That should be an interesting exercise especially with the governing party in its present state of turmoil. Certainly it will flush out the issues just as the several Freedom of Information Requests are beginning to reveal who said what and when - even when they made sure nothing was written down to record the outcomes.

... and the Ideas are Flowing strongly for just exactly what might be the community's Own Vision for the future hereabouts

It is incidentally a strong indictment of the planning processes from Haddington that no Local Plan has been evolved previously. Such a plan would inevitably have been built from the contemporary realities of our post industrial communities here. To compare the new proposals with the old life of coal-fired Cockenzie, as David Leven at Scottish Enterprise did last week in discussion with Gareth Bryn-Jones on Radio Scotland is ludicrous.

Yet again the point must be made, we do not want or need Consultations or Dialogues about Scottish Enterprise's Agenda for a massive Energy Park

We want it off the table, simple as that. Then we must craft a coherent community driven plan that we can all agree is the best way forward hereabouts. One component of that is indubitably going to be yet more emphasis on the arts as Richard Demarco so admirably pointed out this week in the East Lothian News.

Good news is ... East Lothian News over the coming weeks is commissioning 'Comment' features in its 'Power to the People Campaign' that start to explore some of the maybes we should all be thinking through.

Published Date: October 4th 2014

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