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1745 Jacobite Battlefield at Clifton in Cumbria under Threat .... wherever next?

Wherever next indeed!

It seems to be open season on Jacobite battlefields at the moment. The audacious plans at Culloden for housing development, the outrageous notions at Prestonpans for an electricity Sub-Station and an Energy Park are now joined by a new traffic roundabout at Clifton in Cumbria - reported in Scotland on Sunday.

The latest target for the Let's Eradicate Jacobite Battlefields Campaign is commemorated by the Rebel Oak Tree from and beneath which a dozen Jacobites were hanged and buried in December 1745. One supposes the Duke of Cumberland felt more than usually virtuous in executing captured Jacobites in his Duchy!

The good news thus far in Cumbria is that the developers are entering into conversation with the Scottish Jacobite Party to ensure that the location is dealt with 'in a sensitive manner'.

Published Date: August 3rd 2014

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