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When Gordon first gained access to the Barony in 1998, Janice McNab from Glasgow was commissioned to make three paintings to celebrate. They are here on the website of course and the originals hang in The Prestoungrange at 21 Beaumont Street, Oxford. They are incidently destined soon, like the Stone of Scone, to be returned to Scotland to hang at The Gothenburg in The Court.

Now we have a second artist at large on the baronial lands, Michael MacVeigh. He is already a well recognised Scottish artists and many of his works are available here in the MacVeigh Gallery. If any of them are to your liking, although the originals have since been sold, prints are available from Cockenzie at between 20 and 25 each unframed.

Michael has, we are delighted to say, accepted a commission to paint at least six paintings in his own inimitable style in and around Prestoungrange.

Michael MacVeigh was educated at College in Dundee and Edinburgh in Painting & Drawing and now works from the WASP Studios in Edinburgh. His first commission was to paint a peacock for his mother's neighbour, but although completed it went undiscovered for many a year. Finally the delighted neighbour received it when it turned up under an old bed.

He has done some early work as a muralist, and they can be found at the Dundee Centre of Contemporary Arts and the Bowling Club. However, his current commissions with Baron Courts are for work on canvas to grace the homes of Panners and beyond. We don't know yet but we normally expect to see the sea, ships and animals in Michael's works. He explains that the animals, especially the giraffe, come from his early part-time work in zoos, not Africa's rolling plains.

Giraffes on African plains
Safely Indoors with the Giraffe

Michael's fascination with ships and the sea quite simply comes from being an east coast Scotsman. You are never far from the sea!

Finally, we are delighted to be able to offer the CD of Davi Steel's music for sale at The Gothenburg.

Published Date: July 20th 2002

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