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Witch Remembrance 2012 @ The Commemorative Memorial Wall

Annual Remembrance of the Horrors of Witch Trials and Executions

Whilst many think of Hallowe'en as trick and treat or candle lit turnips or even pumpkins, in The Pans we have a serious moment each year on our agenda.

Prestonpans saw the execution of 81 so-called Witches at the height of the scare King James VI put about and which the 'Scottish Play' addresses. Since 2004, when they were 'Pardonned' a memorial wall in the rear garden of The Gothenburg permanently recalls their names with associated murals. The commemoration event this year will take place at 12.30 for 12.45 pm on Sunday October 28th.

Full details of the Pardon and each year's commemorations since 2004 are given HERE

During the afternoon from 2pm Tim Porteus will once again be leading events for youngsters as detailed below.

Published Date: October 26th 2012

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