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Mural Artist Commission: Witches Grant from Heritage Lottery Fund

Mural Artists Invited to Tender

We are delighted to announce that a grant in aid for a new mural at Prestonpans telling the story of local witchcraft trials in the late 16th/ 17th centuries has been received by the Prestoungrange Arts Festival from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

This mural is part of a wider project that is jointly funded by The Heritage Lottery and The Prestoungrange Arts Festival, that includes historical research and publications.

81 people were accused and found guilty of witchcraft and many were put to their death at Morison's Haven, Prestonpans. We have several wall sites which can be used and are looking for a work of art depicting a witches' trial. We are expecting to use this mural as the backdrop to many theatrical events to be performed perhaps this year, and cetainly from next year.

An essential element of the brief is the involvement of members of the local community in the design and construction of the mural through involvement with The Prestoungrange Arts Group and local schools.

We are looking for a sketch and proposal by the 16 August. The decision will be made by the Witches Remembrance Action Group, an independent judge and members of the local community and announced on August 31st.

The mural completion date is 25 October 2005 as it will need to be finished before our Hallowe'en Witches Remembrance Weekend in Prestonpans.

If you are interested please contact Andrew Crummy or Adele Conn for further details at 01875 819922 for further details.

Published Date: August 1st 2005

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