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Prestonpans Pottery Road Show & Exhibition: 2007

Graeme Cruickshank To Lead Prestonpans Pottery Festivities as 'Curator'

Graeme Cruickshank, Scottish Pottery expert for the BBC's Antiques Road show, and well known across Scotland for his leading roles in the Scottish Pottery Society and as Editor of Scottish Pottery Studies, has agreed to be Curator for 2007's major initiatives at the Arts Festival.

Plans are afoot to hold a Road Show in Prestonpans to attract as many local owners to come forward with their prized possessions as possible; and then to mount an exhibition solely of Prestonpans Pottery brought together from across Scotland and beyond our borders. To attempt such a task requires great courage but, more importantly, much wisdom and knowledge and it is a great compliment for the Arts Festival that Graeme Cruickshank has agreed to take on the role.

The exhibition is intended to run initially at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg then move to exhibition halls in both Edinburgh and Glasgow - such is the acknowledged significance of Prestonpans Pottery. The exhibition will be accompanied by lectures and teach-ins for the young and old. It will also create a definitive Catalogue of lasting value to commemorate and celebrate much that was so very good about the potters of Prestonpans over so many centuries. And hopefully such activities can and will encourage a new generation to step forward and take that reputation onwards.

Volunteers and Cogniscenti: please step forward

If any readers here are either owners of Prestonpans Pottery, know someone who is, or are just keen and willing to help Graeme and the Arts Festival team, now is the time to volunteer. Get in touch via Adele Conn at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg - Ph. 01875 819922.

Footnote: The Gothenburg's car park stands on the former site of Bellfield's Pottery and Afternoon Tea is served at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg from 3.00 pm [now of course only in reproduction Bellfield brun coos] as it has been for nearly 100 years!

Published Date: June 20th 2005

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