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New Chapter for Burriss Bursary Awards in 2011/ 2012

Burriss Bursaries funding 'developmental' Arts Studios at Belfield Pottery, opposite The Goth in Prestonpans

The Prestoungrange Arts Festival has granted more than 30,000 to artists since the awards were first established in Prestonpans. For the coming 12 months, leading to the annual concluding exhibition on July 23rd 2012, four artists have been granted '5,000 of studio space' for their residencies.

The two successful lead-winners, Tom Ewing and Adelene Robertson, were required to invite a second artist to join with them for the 12 months. Adelene invited Martine Robertson and Tom, John Lindsay.

Tom Ewing will be continuing his painting and drawing working across the year with John Lindsay's new poetry but also John's burgeoning interest in sculpture. Adelene Robertson has lately acquired a kiln and will be doing ceramics art using onglaze painting.

Open All Hours?

It is very much hoped that in the coming months the two Burriss' arts studios, which are located alongside the Prestoungrange Arts Classes studio in the Belfield Pottery workshop row, will be able to be 'open to the public' for several days of the week. All the artists involved have works to sell as well as welcoming drop-in visitors and potential new recruits for the particular classes they will also be offering.

For the years following these developmental bursaries, the Arts Festival hopes that the studios can become self-financing.....

Published Date: September 6th 2011

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