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10,000th Visitor to The Prestonpans Tapestry

It was always going to happen in The Pans, but who would it be ...?

... and so it came to pass that Jill Johnston of Nursery Cottage, Preston Road, was the lucky one. Complimentary copy of the Official Guidebook personally signed and presented by the artist Andrew Crummy [right].

Jill and her husband have recently moved to The Pans ... what a very wise decision that was then ... and the sun's been shining ever since ....

It was also Prentice Crummy's birthday [son of artist Andrew and Carmel Crummy] whose chocolate sponge cake was swiftly and generously distributed after slicing with a handy Jacobite sword!

click to enlarge all photographs - kindly snapped by Dave Richardson who was on hand

.... and the Day Visitor Record tumbled ..

The Day Visitor Record of 723 held by Gullane for nine days i.e. since Thursday 16th September, changed hands on Saturday when The Pans welcomed 829 visitors on Saturday 25th!

Published Date: September 28th 2010

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