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'Strange Money' in issue ....and Yes, it was crafted for The Prince

In 1745 The Prince needed funds ...

.... and one idea he had was to print his own bank notes! Nice idea that ....

He commissioned famous artist Robert Strange to create a design but the Prince's notes were never issued. However the design was not lost and it has been our pleasure at the Battle Trust to make extensive use of it this year.

First occasion was the issue of 10 and a 5 notes useable by all Stitchers when purchasing additional copies of the Official Guidebook [price 30 cloth/ 20 paper + postage/ packaging]. Now, as the illustration above shows, fresh notes will be in circulation at this year's Battle Re-enactments [announced below] securing hospitality at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg.

P.S. A descendant of Robert Starnge visited the Tapestry as it toured in Dunblane. The Prince was pleased to give him both the 5 and the 10 notes as souvenirs.

Published Date: September 23rd 2010

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