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Hold the Front Page. This Tapestry is for Scotland!

What excitement....

They awoke, the Tapestry's 200+ Stitchers, to hear on BBC tv and radio morning channels that their artwork masterpiece was to be launched. Well we all knew that but now a lot more knew.

Then Moira Stewart and Chris Evans debated its merits on his morning Radio 2 show ... and quite a few more million people knew ...

... and finally The Scotsman decided it was front page news - with a full report on page 7 - all shown below.

What more could they expect ... well there was the Tapestry Gala to attend and the actual Tapestry itself, to gaze upon for the first time, all sewn together by Dorie Wilkie and her 'Panel Beaters' in Andrew Crummy's Cockenzie Studio....

click all cuttings to enlarge

Published Date: July 30th 2010

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