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Panels Rolling In @ Cockenzie

O Happy in Your Labours ...

Here's a happy crowd at Andrew Crummy's Cockenzie Studio on Thursday last, during his 3Harbours Open Day. The walls show there's a lot more to Andrew than 'just cartoons and tapestry art'. He loves clouds and the sky in general as a subject for his paintings ....

click to enlarge the photograph

As can be seen, the table in the foreground is begining to groan with the completed tapestry panels [nearly a third are now to hand] and the other groans are the sound of Dorie Wilkie [standing fifth from left] and her team pinning the panels out for blocking. And that's before the sewing begins. But the excitement is everywhere ... and infectious. And the studio saw a host of gongoozlers taking an early peek at the panels ....

Eric Robinson was also on hand who is mandated to make the 'video of us all, including our Tapestry Gala on July 26th' - bon chance Eric!

Published Date: June 5th 2010

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