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Not a Warm Welcome as The Prince Comes Ashore!

Eriskay and South Uist Honour Their Pledge

In the earliest of days nearly a year ago, the Trustees travelled to Eriskay via North and South Uist with the BattleBus to recruit local volunteer stitchers - nothing was yet too clear ... but we were greatly assisted by Archie Cameron of AmPaipear. The reassuring response from the Outer Hebrides was a resounding 'Yes' even though the true message to the Prince in 1745 was: 'No. Go Home!'

The volunteers agreed to tackle the Prince's Landing in Disguise, the suggestion he should indeed Go Home, and then his anxious letter writing to all Clan Chiefs from Borrodale a few days later once he'd transfered on du Teillay to Arisaig.

As shown, there's more than one or two volunteer stitchers at work in the Hebrides - there are five - all pictured below contemplating the Prince's landing on Eriskay.

It transpired that the Prince's Letter writing from Borrodale was to bring pleasing results ....

Published Date: May 26th 2010

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